Num Num Sauce History

NumNum Sauce was derived from Great-Grandpa Faison's family recipe. He sold his "Faison & Faison BBQ Sauce" in 4 southern states from 1941 until he passed in 1963. Since that time only the family enjoyed this great tasting sauce at family cookouts.

After 45 years off the market, great-grandson Michael reformulated the family recipe and introduced it to the world as NumNum Sauce.

Owner and product development scientist, Michael Lloyd, formulated Num Num Sauce in the summer of 2006, with a vision of re-establishing the ultimate condiment to the world. Taught by Grandpa Faison to make homemade sauce from scratch and professionally trained as a scientist, Michael has spent a large part of his life making products with a purpose. It is this type of typical back woods secret that historically fills southerners with friendly smiles of joy. For this reason, we have also branded NumNum Sauce as "The Taste of Southern Hospitality".

No longer a secret, NumNum Sauce is here to stay!

The Spotlight!

Check out Michael as he showcases Num Num Sauce and other favorites...
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